What It Means To Be Certified

GWC Warranty Article: “Upstate NY Dealer Doubles Volume With GWC Certified”


Certified Auto Brokers in Upstate New York knew that without a Certified Program, they’d be leaving their customers out on an island – and not the good kind of island like the one on which their quaint town sits within the Niagara River.

“Certified used vehicles are one of the highest growing demand vehicles on the market right now,” Certified Auto Brokers owner Travis Smith says. “Customers are looking for CPO vehicles and a lot of preowned dealers don’t realize that just because they aren’t a manufacturer dealer doesn’t mean they can’t sell a CPO vehicle.”

Aptly named, Certified Auto Brokers is a dealership that prides itself on the high standards to which it holds its vehicles. So Smith and his managing partner Chris Taylor were not only looking to offer the customer a warranty on every vehicle, but more importantly, they wanted to ensure they were doing right by their customers 100% of the time. And if that meant more business along the way, that was just fine with them too.

That mindset coupled with the GWC Warranty Certified Pre-Owned Program was the perfect recipe for a dealership on the rise.

“We’ve made a lot of changes in the last two years, going from a 20- to 30- and soon to be a 40-car per month pace,” Smith said. “But there is no doubt in my mind that Certified has had a lot to do with that growth.”

It was the price of GWC’s Certified Pre-Owned Program that initially caught Smith and Taylor’s eyes – as low as $99 since they are a GWC Elite Dealer. But as they began to integrate the program into their everyday processes, the true power of Certified began to shine through.

“The biggest change we made was that our first headline photo for every vehicle has the GWC Certified logo on it,” Taylor says. “The first thing a customer sees, regardless of the platform, is that the car is Certified. It was the easiest change we could make but it was the most public one.”

Certified Auto Brokers’ owners credit this advertisement – along with point of sale materials throughout the lot – with breaking down the barriers customers have when it comes to buying from a used car dealer. Then, by certifying every car on their lot, Smith and Taylor have been able to not only sell more vehicles but also build more opportunities for upsells. When they previously were only able to upsell around 15% of the time, they’re now doing so on upwards of 30% of their deals.

“Because of Certified, we have the option to extend a warranty at a discounted cost because we’ve already included the price of the Certified contract,” Smith says. “We can save our customers a couple dollars and it helps increase our penetration rates as well.”

For the owners at Certified Auto Brokers, having a program to match their name has completely changed the way they do business. And it’s something they urge other used car dealers to try out as well.

“It’s truly a no-brainer at the end of the day. Most of our Certified contracts cost $109 and because we’re Elite we get 10% back. In two years, we’ve had maybe a dozen claims, if you sit down and do that math, it probably hasn’t cost us anything,” Smith says. “You’re not going to get a better buy for $100 than putting the word Certified on it.
“There really is no downside.”


Read the Full Article: http://gwcwarranty.com/dealers/accelerate-blog/2016/july/22/dealer-doubles-volume-with-gwc-certified

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What It Means To Be Certified